To our readers, collaborators, and friends:

We (Cavar and Joyce) at manywor(l) stand firmly against the genocide of the Palestinian people, and grieve the incalculable loss felt by Palestinian families, communities, and sites of creative production. No statement alone can account for the pain incurred by decades of violent occupation, and yet, we join an international chorus of literary publications and presses extending vocal support for Palestinian Liberation. We extend compassion, support, and admiration for those around the world who have risked their lives and livelihoods in the pursuit of justice.

In lieu of compiling more links in this statement (that may inevitably become outdated), we will continue sharing resources on our socials. But the general actions we invite you to take remain the same: contact your local representatives; sign petitions urging them to take action; demand better reporting of the conflict from news organisations; attend local actions where possible; donate to Palestinian relief; talk to your friends and family; read, listen to, and uplift Palestinian voices, and continue to do so even when the news cycle “moves on.”.

manywor(l)ds envisions a world in which, to paraphrase the Zapatistas, “many worlds fit.” We stand firmly against settler colonialism in all its myriad iterations. We support the liberation of all colonised peoples, and call for an immediate end to all projects of ethnic cleansing: from Palestine, to Sudan, to Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Afghans in Pakistan, and beyond. Further, we welcome writers from the affected communities to submit to manywor(l)ds at any time, irrespective of our open submission periods.

In solidarity,

[sarah] Cavar and Joyce Kung
Editors, manywor(l)