Two Pieces

Issue 1

by lae astra

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weaving tomorrows

One glowing brushstroke, the color of cotton or thick mist, undulates across the middle of a black background. The brushstroke consists of many thin individual strands coming together. Reaching out of it are two expanding webs of golden yellow glimmering with iridescent rainbow color, one toward the bottom left corner and the other toward the top right. Sandy streaks of color, a mix of yellow, purple, green, and blue, drift either downward or upward in the background.

thank you for existing

Layers of color wash across each other, in soft shades of orange, golden yellow, lime green, soft blue, purple. They encircle a glowing core that radiates gentle beams of blue-white and sunny yellow, guarded by two brushstrokes in motion, one to the left and one to the right of the beaming center. These two brushstrokes are striped black and blue, somewhat like blue jay feathers, and are mixing into the other colors in the background, starting from the ends.

lae astra is an artist who calls Tokyo home. Find them at