Three Pieces

Issue 2

by Muna Akther

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(suck) bound red lines then white ones,

the one time I touched you it was for your own good

(pull) i'll see you there flat affect (whip) (razor)

(cut) (burn) it's a lie

was there anyone to see it?

(spill) (spill) (drip)

I've a needle on my knee, and a heart on my thigh stay with me, i left

(heaving) oh, you couldn't have ever, it wasn't a high bar, you just can't.

(slap) (blow) (grasp) (pull) (choke) it's a different kind, get used to it.

curse II

true/false, spontaneous scene construction depression inventories, The ego and its fate. belief in episodic recollections Why am I remembering this now? cognition approaches to understanding metacognitive capacities for reflection, mastery, and intrinsic motivation

Is it me?

Confusion between imagination and perception. 'hyper-primed' for thought-disorder impaired coherence, autonoetic awareness emotional valence ability to give a meaning Temporal processing

of past and future (1987) 26:141--3. 10.1111/


constraints are part of the game, someone must have let him in,

tainted in the confessional a miscarriage of signs,

the credit of creation, an intimacy with death

woman vivisected

of ideals and devotion, obedient only to time, and sacred from touch & grasp

Treated as one entity, "I want to be clean."

that she both creates & rids Eden of its Garden

a divine stillness in the hesitation, an angel flies in the space between,

yet the reach is racked with a tremor.

Muna Akther is a writer and artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. She has previously been published in Westwind, and is forthcoming in The Literary Hatchet.