Two Pieces

Issue 2

by Nerium Podell

Jump to: im sure you know about ityou think of how much her hand

im sure you know about it

Yellow text over a photograph of a brightly lit building at night.

im sure you know about
it. the plexiglass and abou
the box cutters & .pocket k
ives, and the striking light
that flooded through the a could get
sofull on it taking in gulps
& gulps of that light letting
the splinters come all thro
ough.& you know toowell
how that fullness depletes
you. gorged on it rimmed
saw sharp splitting the bo
dy like a dowel. the split is

you think of how much her hand

blue text in a square over a photograph of a night sky and the brown side of one building illuminated by a streetlamp.

you think of how much her hand must have e
engineered. you think o ffortune. she put he
r fingers on the wheel and tipped the weights
slumped in κένωμα who would there be to de
defend you. who would want to defend a thin
ng like you. those who would have killed you
u scattered east and west. this distancing sh
[sh]e says is what keeps you alive. like a worm
pinned behind glass she says satisfied at he
er metaphor. the worm is dead already. what
she says irritated. the worm is dead already y
say but she sees no point to why you did. o

Nerium Podell is a writer and artist who lives in the Great Lakes region of North America. They can be found on twitter (as long as it may last) as @stridden.