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We stand against [settler] colonialism in all its forms, and will gladly allow writers from SWANA communities to submit their work at any time.

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Published November 15th, 2023

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'Equal and Opposite', by Lucas Wang. A wooded setting is turned upside down. Dark trees and bushes grow towards the bottom of the page and their glowing white roots grow towards the top. The roots of the trees and bushes form a negative image of a forest, with a constellation of nodes all around them, linked to the fruiting bodies of mushrooms aboveground, on the forest floor. Central, is a human silhouette, white and glowing like the roots and fungal mycelium, gazing “up” at a night sky invisible to the viewer, off the bottom of the page.

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Submissions are always open for reviews, translations or similar multilingual work, (multi)media work, or writers from SWANA communities.

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