What to Include

Submissions are currently OPEN.

Send your submissions to submissions [at] manyworlds [dot] place.

We take submissions of all/no forms and genres, including previously published work.

For all submissions:

  • Do not label your submission by genre.
  • Do not include personal information such as your address or phone number in your submission.
  • Address both editors, either by name or as “editors”, without using gendered signifiers (i.e. avoid using “Ms.”, “Mr.”, etc.).
  • Include a short third-person bio (under 100 words) along with your submission.

We use Gmail for submissions. If your submission exceeds 25MB, please send it as a compressed zip archive or share it via Google Drive.

Text-based submissions should number no more than three <1,000-word pieces, or five total pages. If your spacing is funky (we encourage funky spacing) use your best judgement.

Media submissions are subject to the following guidelines:

  • three images (JPEG/PNG/WebP/SVG/GIF), with a visual description for each image, or
  • one audio recording of five minutes or fewer (MP3/WAV), with a timestamped transcript, or
  • one video of five minutes or fewer (MP4/WebM), preferably transcribed with WebVTT
    • Video transcripts should be at least two files: one for captioning what is said in the video, and one for describing what is happening visually. You may choose to include a third file indicating “chapters” or sections within the video.

We are happy to work with creators to improve their media transcription before publication if it does not sufficiently describe the work.

For submissions that involve multiple forms of media across those boundaries, please use your best judgement. If you think it roughly aligns with our page/media limits and values, please feel free to send it along anyway. We love seeing experimental work in all forms.

For certain genres below, we have additional requirements:

Though this magazine is english language-based, we enthusiastically welcome translations and other forms of (multi/inter)lingual work.

In particular, submissions that incorporate multiple languages (including grammatical and syntactical differences) should do so meaningfully to shape creative works. We are less interested in incidental incorporation of individual words/phrases, but would like to see instead pieces where non-english languages are core to the work’s construction/craft.

Translations should also include:

  • A short cover letter introducing your background as a translator, your relationship with the source language and the translated work, and any literary, cultural, and other context that you think may be helpful.
  • A letter from the rights holder (generally the author or the publisher) confirming that the translator has received permission to translate, and that the work’s English translation rights are available.
  • The original work by the author; this does not count towards the page/media limit.

A huge thank you to Augur Magazine and their submission guidelines, from where we have pulled the first two guidelines around translations.

We are open to both queries (explain what you’re reviewing, and why) and completed submissions regarding reviews and interviews.

Your reviews and interviews may be experimental or “traditional” in form. They may also defy interview/review “genre conventions.” Just be sure we know who and what you’re in conversation with.

Some books we’re interested in seeing reviews for right now include:

  • WILD GEESE by Soula Emmanuel
  • random access memory by nat raum
  • foundwaves by nat raum
  • I Done Clicked My Heels Three Times by Taylor Byas
  • MIASMIST by tommy wyatt blake

We also invite you to track your submission and its response time through any of these tools to help other creators, and we pride ourselves on having a prompt response time.